Klaravik AB

Klaravik gives companies and individuals the opportunity to buy used machines, tools and vehicles easily, safely and at the right price. Our goal is to convey winners in all stages. For our selling customers, we work closely with local presence for a responsible business. For our buyers, we are the marketplace that never sleep, always with new relevant auctions. And for society, our sustainable recycling helps to make the environment a little bit happier.
Simply, win-win-win.

Every week thousands of new objects are posted on our website www.klaravik.se.

Klaravik has more than 100 employees in Sweden and can also be found in Norway, Denmark and Poland. Our head office is located in Karlstad, our development office in Lund and our brokers are located all over Sweden - from the southernmost part to the very north.
Klaravik AB
Ennyi ideje partner: 2020
Tynäsgatan 10 A.
652 16 Karlstad
Telefon: Telefonszámért kattintson ide!
Honlap: https://www.klaravik.se/
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