Aztech Schrott Brechanlage Scrap crushing plant

  • Aztech Schrott Brechanlage Scrap crushing plant
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  • 8751-8fbc02539662aa448d24e3262ebf065b-2796798

HUF 27.657.111
23 % ÁFA-val (22.485.456 23 % ÁFA nélkül)
AZTECH is a leading POLISH manufacturer of industrial machinery on both Polish and foreign markets. Our company is selling new and used machines and also spare parts for machines.

The offer applies to a complete crushing/grinding line for ALUMINUM, CAST IRON and includes :
1. Belt conveyors: charging, receiving, sorting
2. Vibratory screener
3. Magnetic separator
4. Hammer mill
5. Control cabinet for the entire system of devices

The line capacity is about 5 t / h, depending on the size and hardness of the material. The power of the entire line is approximately 70 kW.

1. The given capacities refer to loose material with a density of 1000 kg / m3.
2. Our products are constantly updated and improved, AZTECH reserves the right to change the parameters and design without prior notice to the user;
3. The above product configuration is not necessarily a standard configuration. Please consult us carefully when purchasing.

The prices given are NET prices.

We invite you to try our offer and if in Poland, to visit our point of sales in Opole region – YOU HAVE THE POSSIBILITY TO TEST OUR MACHINE WITH YOUR MATERIAL.
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Schrott Brechanlage Scrap crushing plant
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